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5200 Series All Glass Sliding Door System (R5200)

The 5200 Series All Glass Sliding Door System offers sleek attractive lines for up scale door automation while providing the same intelligent, durable, drive system as the 5100 Series Sliding Door System. All glass door panels provide for total visibility through ½” tempered glass that compliments any store front design.

Different operating modes:
• Automatic mode with full opening width
• Automatic mode with reduced opening width
• Automatic mode in one-way (exit only) for traffic control
• Adjustable reduced opening mode
• Continuously open: door opens and remains in open position; either full open or reduced opening width
• Off mode: door can be moved by hand

Safety Functions:
• Safety sensors (self-monitoring holding beams) in the clear opening of the door prevent the door from shutting if persons or objects are in the detection zone.
• Safety automatic reversing mechanism: if the door leaves are inhibited when closing, they are immediately re-opened (automatic reverse 2-step adjustable). If the door leaves are hindered when opening, they are immediately stopped.
• The position of the obstacle is stored and will be slowly approached during the next door movement.
• Even in the case of power failure, the emergency fail close or the emergency opening is assured by the optional emergency power options.
• Sidelite protection - Additional sensors located above the opening path of the door will slow the opening if a person or object will inhibit the door opening normally.

• Emergency battery: in the case of power failure, the optional battery back-up device will perform flawlessly (including all sensing devices) for hours. When the battery's capacity is low, the door slides to a pre-determined position (open, shut or locked). In the case of continued power failure, the shut and locked door can still be opened automatically by a key-operated impulse.
• Electro-mechanical locking device concealed in the operator casing.
• Systems for locking device surveillance and alarm.
• Door leaf surveillance.
• Night control with time switch, key-operated impulse, electronic encoding switch or building services control system.
• Interlock control: Continuous interlock control or only selectable by external contact (key-operated contact or building services control system).
• Communication module for data exchange with a higher-level building services control system.

Door Closers:
• Integrated support for hydraulic closers in both SX (slide/swing) and SO (swing sidelite) panels.
• Built into the top rail, door closers are available when specified, to ensure the door closes and remains operable after emergency breakout egress.

Panic Device
• Recessed panic hardware is available for full-breakout and fixed panel applications which will comply with all existing exit codes.

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