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Curved Drive TXP.BOG (curved)

SLIDEDOOR Drive TXP.BOG – the curved sliding door for representative prestige entrance doors. There are no limits on the freedom of design for an individual, elegant entrance. The TXP.BOG rapidly accelerates heavy doors, but with great sensitivity. Safety functions guarantee optimum user protection. The well-proven TORMAX technology, with its multiplicity of functions and ease of operation, meets the highest standards for automatic doors.

• Elegant, representative entrance doors
• High power and dynamics for heavy doors
• Quiet, sensitive, rapid movement
• Well-proven technology ensures a high standard of safety
• Individual custom-built solutions possible, thanks to the wide variety of design possibilities
• Convenient servicing provided by constant diagnostic monitoring and recording of system data
• Automatic expansion of opening for two-way traffic

• CE conformity
• Manufactured according to ISO 9001

• TORMAX control panel
– with operating modes: OFF, AUTO (winter), AUTO (summer), EXIT, OPEN
– Parameter adjustments for: opening and closing speeds, individual hold-open duration for summer and winter, reduced opening width
– Reset and free-wheeling functions
– Fault diagnosis indication
– Code lock
• Control panel lock
• Electromagnetic lock with position feedback, manual disengagement inside and outside
• Night-duty lock
• Emergency opening system with rubber spring or battery module
• Key switch, activators, presence and safety sensors with 24VDC
• Emergency-off switch 24V with reset function
• Interface for connection to a building management system via TORMAX UNICOM
• Independent network TORMAX UNINET for control and monitoring of your door operators

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