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Folding FOLDDOOR TOP (folddoor)

If neither a sliding door nor a swing door is feasible in internal areas on account of a lack of space, then the FOLDDOOR System TOP automatic folding door forms the ideal solution.

With its two installation variants – it can either be installed in a door opening or supplied as a set-up assembly – and its elegant folding principle, the TOP System becomes a real space-saver; and is especially suitable for subsequent installation in conversions or renovations.

This ready-to-install compact solution – with its pre-fabricated door system made from special, beautifully-fitting profiles – will captivate you with its elegant appearance. Aluminium profiles, which are free from jamming and catching and come complete with integrated sealing lips, form an optimum door seal and avoid draught problems.

Standard Functions
• Automatic acquisition of system-specific data for constant course of motion
• Permanent operating diagnosis
• Recognition of obstacles in closing and opening direction with safety hold-open time and sensing run
• Automatic opening enlargement on people cross traffic
• Winter opening with reduced hold-open time

• TORMAX control panel
- with operating modes: OFF, AUTORED (winter), AUTO (summer), EXIT, OPEN
- parameter adjustment for: opening and closing speed, individual hold-open times for summer and winter, reduced opening width
- reset and free-wheeling functions
- fault diagnosis display
- code lock
• Control panel lock with cylinder
• Electromagnetic lock with position monitoring and manual disengagement inside and outside
• Emergency opening facility with rubber spring or battery module
• Key switch, impulse, presence or safety sensors for 24VDC
• Emergency-off switch
• Monitored safety light beams
• Interface for connection to a building management system via TORMAX UNICOM
• I/O modules for direct control and monitoring of the system

• CE-Conformity
• Manufactured according to ISO 9001

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