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Ingenious Win Drive 2201 (ingenious)

With its numerous options and special functions you can arrange and tune your door to meet your particular needs. Programming is conducted quite simply and directly on the control unit eliminating the need of an additional programming device. The unique attachment system (patent pending) enables installation of additional components within seconds. The small dimensions not only allow the drive to be fitted into narrow spaces but also lead to less expenditure on materials and make it visually very attractive.

The TORMAX SLIDEDOOR Win Drive 2201 is the elegant and straightforward drive in first-class TORMAX quality, which makes you a winner all round.

• Sliding doors in commercial, private and public buildings
• Suitable for interior and exterior doors

• Plug & Play: the simplest method of installation and commissioning. 1 x 1 x 1: 1 man, 1 day, 1 set of tools
• Its height of only 100 mm enables architecturally sound and demanding solutions
• Programming and setting parameters directly on the control unit – numerous special functions
• Door movements can be optimised in both the opening and closing direction
• Fault diagnosis on the control panel and directly on the control unit
• Maintenance friendly thanks to easy accessible components (only one size of screws)

Special functions
• Emergency opening and closing function
• Display of operation hours, opening cycles and fault recording
• System messages (door status, lock status, faults, etc.)
• Bell and light activation
• Manual operation for servicing and cleaning purposes

Accessories / Options
• TORMAX control panel with 5 operating modes and fault display
• Mode selector covering 3 operating modes
• Battery-powered emergency opening / emer-gency power supply
• Emergency opening with spring force
• Electro-mechanical locking with status monitoring
• Interior and exterior manual disengagement
• Elegant telescopic applications (cross-section 100 x 204 mm)

• CE conformity
• ISO certified
• prEN 12650, DIN V 18650
• EN 292-1, EN 292-2, EN 60335-1, EN-61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3

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