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Lifesaving Escape Door 2001.BO (lifesaving)

In every position, all door leaves can be swivelled out manually. This results in a maximum passage width, immediately.

When Safety is Twice as Important
Apart from the standard safety -sensors, further precautions are taken for safeguarding people. Safety conformant clearances, but also round profiles prevent the jamming of fingers.

When Additional Benefits are in Sight
If all door leaves are swivelled out and pushed together, an opening of 95 % width of the total width is achieved.
During the day, such doors are not noticed at all and at night they still offer the necessary protection.

When the Design Is also Pleasing
Even for a door that is completely -focused on safety, aesthetics does not come off badly. Slim, timeless profiles are an evidence of this.

• In escape and emergency routes
• For fast and generous opening
• For maximum opening widths

• Shopping centres, post offices, hospitals, railway stations, airports, administration -offices, hotels, car show room etc.

Convincing Benefits
• High safety for unhindered evacuation.
• Panic pressure handle as panic opener, also in locked position
• Special round profile as finger protection
• Extremely stable construction, profile wall thickness 3 mm
• Safety or insulating glass
• Floor guide behind fixed parts resulting in even passageway free of grooves and humps
• High-quality TORMAX operator
• Electromechanical two-point lock in upper position
• Control unit with 5 operating modes
• “Factory Integrated Safety” with activation and monitoring sensors

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