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RevolveDoor 5201 (revolvedoor5201)

The REVOLVEDOOR 5201 universal drive is the revolving door drive with all-round strength. Its compact design provides a large degree of freedom, for example you can decide the number of leaves. The diameter, which can be up to 4m at the customer‘s option, provides versatility in planning. And its installation depth of only 140mm means that only minimum height is needed to accommodate the crown compartment – ideal where space is tight.

Excellent functionality included
Thanks to the simple connection arrangements you can make all the sensor and safety system connections quickly and simply. Speed, alarms, power – all can be very simply set using the service computer with its self-explanatory menu.

An of course there‘s the REVOLVEDOOR 5201 universal drive in the best Swiss quality – just as you always receive from TORMAX.

• For revolving doors with 2, 3 and 4 wings
• Shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, hospitals
• For internal and external revolving doors.

• Operator REVOLVEDOOR Drive TRP
• Compact designNarrow header profile can be used.Simple handling due to the light 13kg motor gear combination. Easy installation into small doors.
• Reduced installation timePlug-in motor-control connection.Easy to understand arrangement of external sensor connections. On-the-spot customer-specific programming possible.
• Excellent safety featuresDynamic power limit measures the power needed for each door. Safety sensors can be configured to meet individual customer’s requirements. Speed limitation even during power failures.
• Powerful driveDynamic acceleration. Short stopping distance without an external brake.
The force can be individually adjusted.
• Powerful service computerEasy-to-read status monitoring of inputs and outputs on the display enables rapid and clear diagnosis.

• CE conformity
• EN 292-1, EN 292-2

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