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Slender Smart Drive 1101 (slender)

With TORMAX SWINGDOOR Smart Drive 1101 you get immediate automation of existing manual swing doors. But in new installations too, the door operator opens and closes reliably and particularly silently. The inconspicuous device for offices, public buildings and private homes encompasses power and intelligence in a clear-cut and timeless design.

Ready to Operate Immediately
Install the device on the door leaf or on the lintel. Connect to mains. Start up the Teach-In program. Ready. This is the speed at which TORMAX SWINGDOOR Smart Drive 1101 automates your swing doors.

By means of the user-friendly teach-in program you can attune the drive to your requirements: At what speed should the door open? How wide should it open? How long may it remain open? How fast may it close? All this without a single additional setting device. TORMAX SWINGDOOR Smart Drive 1101 is the all-in-one drive of prime TORMAX quality with its unmatched features.

• Offices, public buildings and private homes
• This product is suitable for disabled people in a manual operation

• Very easy to commission – for both new and old doors: install, connect to power, set parameters, ready
• Push-and-Go: immediate opening upon manual pushing or pulling the door
• Silent, electromechanical drive with recirculating ball screw (patent application filed)
• Sturdy built-in open-end stop does away with external stoppers
• In case of obstacles in opening direction, immediate reversal of direction of motion thanks to integrated electronic power monitoring
• In case of power failure, easy to open manually with controlled closing by means of an integrated spring
• Sliding lever can be upgraded with a panic device for installation to emergency exit doors
• Adjustable latching control to ensure correct closing of door

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