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Telescope Drive TEP/TXP (telescope)

The modular designed SLIDEDOOR Drive TEP/TXP.Telescope is based on the reliable operators TEP and TXP. The various standard functions and the accessory options are also part of these operators.

The TEP/TXP.Telescope allows the installation of a sliding door system with maximum passage width on minimum space requirements. Let the elegant motions of a telescope sliding door convince you.

Standard Functions
• Self-teaching processor controls with diagnostic functions
• 9 free programmable inputs
• 6 free programmable outputs
• Emergency opening/emergency closing
• Emergency off function
• Recognition of obstacles on opening/closing
• Monitored safety features can be connected
• Quiet, rapid and elegant movement
• Maximum passage width – minimum spatial requirements
• Specially tailored, individual solutions thanks to its wide variety of functions
• High level of safety due to the use of well-proven technology
• High opening frequency under significant permanent load
• Building networking and door management
• Very good price/performance ratio throughout its entire life cycle

• Electromagnetic lock with position feedback
• Manual disengagement inside/outside
• Relay modules for triggering a bell, burglar alarm etc.
• Activators, motion detectors and safety sensors
• External key switch for access at night
• Mechanical emergency opening facility
• Emergency power supply
• Safety air lock function
• Innovative control panel for the control and monitoring of the door functions
• Made-to-measure, programmable functions via the TORMAX service computer
• Available in accordance with protective class IP65

• CE conformity
• Manufactured according to ISO 9001

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