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Impervious Drive TEP/TXP.IP65 (impervious)

Stainless, dust proof and protected against jetting water, this is how the SLIDEDOOR Drive TEP.IP65/ TXP.IP65 presents themselves. The drive units in combination with the stainless steel guide system, provide new demanding applications of automatic sliding doors, which until today could not have been realized.

High requirements relating to hygiene, tightness and high resistances against corrosion in an aggressive environment require special operators.

Rough operating conditions :
• Industry
• Mountain railways and cable cars
• Refrigerating chambers
• Refineries
• Garages
High requirements in terms of the hygiene :
• Kitchens
• Bakeries
• Slaughterhouses
• Butcheries
• Zoological gardens
• Saunas
High requirements relating to corrosionresistance :
• All kinds of ships
• Buildings in sea proximity
• Drilling platforms
• Swimming pools

Standard Functions

• Self-learning processor based control system with automatic collection of system-specific data
• Continuous operating diagnosis
• Interface RS 232
• Recognition of obstacles in opening/closing direction with safety hold-open time and sensing run
• 9 freely programmable inputs
• 6 freely programmable outputs
Connection facility for 4 activators and 2 safety light beams
Emergency opening/closing facilities
5 operating modes

• TORMAX 5 positions control panel in IP44
• Surface mounted box with transparent cover for operating unit in IP55
• Impulse, presence and safety sensors
• Mechanical emergency opening facility
• Battery backup system (not integrated in the drive unit)
• Independent network with TORMAX UNINET for controlling and monitoring your system

• CE conformity
• Protection IP65 according to IEC 529
• UL and cUL
• Manufactured according to ISO 9001

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