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RevolveDoor TRP (revolvedoortrp)

With its modular design, the REVOLVEDOOR Drive TRP operator sets today’s standard in the automatic revolving door sector. It can be used for any current type of revolving door. The diameter and the number of leaves are freely selectable.

The compact design also makes various assembly variants possible, and has a built-in height of only 145mm, which permits a minimal crown height.

• New, higher torque operator with integrated overwind safety and emergency brake
• Power transmission using chains or belts or as an external rotor over rollers
• Fits into any door construction without problems thanks to its low built-in height of 145mm
• Service friendly: the control system is mounted separately from the operator (separated by a cable of up to 10m length)
• The TCP-101 control system automatically registers system-specific data for a constant and secure motion control.
• Recognition of obstacles and edge safety
• Connection facility for:
- TORMAX control panel
- 4 sensors (24VDC)
- Safety Devices
- Key switch
- Lock
- Emergency-off switch
- Control panel lock
• Permanent operating diagnosis
• Various configurable control functions with the service computer
• Easy software update with Eprom

Scope of Delivery
• Operator REVOLVEDOOR Drive TRP
• TORMAX control panel
- with operating modes: NIGHT, REVOLVE, AUTO, EXIT, MANUAL
- parameter settings for: normal speed, standby speed, slow speed and time out in operating mode REVOLVE and MANUAL
- reset function
- fault diagnosis display
• Control case with control system TCP-101, one I/O module, transformer, main system switch and final position switch

• Electromagnetic lock with position monitoring and manual engagement/disengagement inside and outside
• 2 additional I/O modules with freely programmable inputs and outputs
• Power supply module
• Chain pulley set incl. chain and chain tensioning facility
• Service computer
• Key switch, impulse, presence and safety sensors
• Sliprings 2A/5 A
• Battery module

• CE-Conformity
• Manufactured according to ISO 9001

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